MolinaeBianchi SINCRON 4APR TS Pulling Over Lasting Shoes Machine

Sincron 4APR is a semi-automatic machine at 9 pincers for the lasting at the same time of the toe, of the ball and of the waist for all the types of man, lady and child footwear, with any heel height and for any toe shape:
• It can be used with neoprene cement or, if equipped with an automatic feeder, with thermofusible cement at rod;
• The electromechanical adjustment of the pincers unit, practicable from the control panel, allows a quick and precise positioning of the pincers on different types of shoes in addition to a uniform pulling of the upper;
• The last two pincers are rotating with the possibility of automatic pulling or manual intervention;
• The movement of the last support is carried out in two phases for a soft pulling that avoid excessive tensions on the stuff in progress;
• Adjustable inclination of the rear support
Touch Screen
• Machine version at 11 pincers;
• Device for the feeding of the thermofusible cement at one or two rods;
• Safety shoes working;
• Goodyear working;
• Heavy-duty working;
• Goodyear-heavy duty working;
• Cams double advancement. Wipers closing in two separate phases;
• Pincers FGHI exclusion. Very useful in the child working;
• Modification for the working of shoe with large toe;
• Head-cams adjustment. Front adjustment of the descent of the head and of the wipers with rev. counter; Suggested for Good-Year working and pointed toe;
• Head descent control. It is useful with pointed toes, it improves the pulling of the leather in the toe in the phase of the wipers closing;
• Wheels for machine handling;
Power supply Trifase 400V
Power Absorbed 4,3 Kw
Dimensions 100 ( l ) x 85 ( p ) x 160 ( h )
Net Weight 500Kg