MolinaeBianchi ST2/SV İroning Machine

This is a double heated work-station machine for boot legs ironing.
• The last rotation speed of the machine can be regulated and locked into any position the operator desires thus allowing him to press the bootleg evenly.
• The last opening device is pneumatically powered and the run is controlled mechanically.
• The temperature of the aluminium last is independent and can be set as desired.
• The machine is predisposed for the use of 48 Volt hand irons.
• The aluminium lasts can be realized to the customers specifications.
• The machine can be combined to the portable ironing machine models SV at hot air and steam suitable for shoes and leather good.
• Air temperature adjustable up to 300° C.
• Instant steam production when required.
• Air high pressure and speed.
• Easy to handle and simple to use.
Power supply Trifase 400V
Power Absorbed 4,3 Kw
Dimensions 100 ( l ) x 85 ( p ) x 160 ( h )
Net Weight 500Kg



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