Sagitta SC 75 C R2 Skiving Machines

Skiving machine complete with table, motor and waste exhauster system with wide container and dust filter.
N. 2 separate motors for the knife and the feeding.


Technical Data
Exhauster unit with independent motor
Waste containers with micro-filter incorporated
Abrasive feeding roller
Fast sharpening with adjustable pressure
Knife shaft mounted on hermetical bearings with axial compensation
Sharpening system mounted on bearings
Feeding system: Brushless motor with variable speed controlled by microprocessor from 0 to 30 mt./min.
Absorbed power max. 0,7 kW
Power supply three-phase 400 Volt  50/60 Hz or single-phase 230 Volt  50/60 Hz on request
Vulkollan roller or special steel roller
Attachment to skive toe-puff and counters
Special equipments for particular skiving
Machine dimensions cm. 110 x 55 x 120 h.
Packing sizes cm. 124 x 72 x 150 h.
Machine weight Kg 108
Gross weight Kg 146