Mod 3414

Moulds created from the customer's shoe lasts. Silicon hot cushions. Inflatable beel-shaped cushion tilting system for improved matching to machine lasts based on their curvature, especially for boots. Simple and easy setting of inflatable bell-shaped cushions facilitates their positioning on the machine aluminium lasts. 

The inflatable bell-shaped cushions feature and air-vent system which prolongs the duration of the bell's leather lining. No need to change cushions when switching from men's to women's footwear or boots. Fast and easy replacing of moulds without any dispersion of cooling liquid. Electronic control with digital temperature display. Pincers with millimetric setting. Adjustment of gripping area on the upper based on the curvature of the mould. Adjustable support reference pointer to allow fro constant positioning of tension for the upper on the last, increasing productivity. Powerful pneumantic pressing on upper, suitable for materials of any thinckness. Adjustable height of work position allows for proper ergonomic positioning for operator. Powerful liquid cooling unit.

Available options:

  • OPT 23 optical projector
  • OPT 24 infra-red criss-crossing barrier
  • OPT 26 special pincer group for production of sandals
  • OPT 27 pre-heating unit for three moulds
  • OPT 33 mechanical turn-over of aluminium moulds in the cold stations
  • Height cm. 190
  • Lenght cm. 90
  • Width cm. 170
  • Ner weight kg. 600
  • Air comsumption lt. 6 per cycle atm. lt. 27
  • Power absorbed W. 2,3
  • Volts, single-phase electric plant 220 V. - 380 V. - 415 V. - 440 V.
  • Output in 8 hours (pairs) 1200