CMA 1200K Laser Cutting Machine Featured

CMA series laser cutter represents the world-class level in terms of stability, precision and speed. CMA1200K laser cuttin machine is equipped with extra work station at both sides to enable the cutting while feeding.


 CMA-1200H laser cutter employs two worktable working at the same time so that the machine can cut while feeding, thereby increasing efficiency 100% and saving materials 10%.
 This machine can cut curve continuously and the maximum cutting speed reaches 36m/min.
 Laser power can be matched automatically to ensure best cutting effects on the corners.
 This machine supports off-line working and can save 128 files, suitable for mass processing repeatedly.
 This machine can save labor cost greatly, a worker can operate more than 10 sets machine after simple training.

Applicable materials and industries:

 CMA-1200/1200K laser cutting machine is widely used to cut cloth, leather, fabric toy, computer embroidery, model, handicrafts, advertising decoration, package printing, paper, etc.


Technical Index    


Laser power: 30-150 W (optional)
Cutting speed: 0~20 m/min (determined by materials)
Processing area: 1200 mm × 600 mm (process at a time)
Moving platform: 2800 mm(left to right 1400mm)
Resolution ratio :≤ 4000 dpi
Power supply: AC220 V ± is 10%, 50 HZ
Location precision: ± 0.1 mm
Gross power: <1250 W
CMA1200H Dimension: 4500×1160×1170 MM
Net weight: 374 kg